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Made in Manchester has made an edition of the BBC World Service strand Sporting Witness looking back at a pivotal moment in Australian sporting history – when their part time soccer side clinched their first piece of silverware in an international tournament.

It happened in Saigon in November 1967 and it took place in the middle of the Vietnam War. Not only did the Aussie side face the might of teams like South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore but they had to do it while their hotel fell about around them, with land mines on the training pitch, poor food and the constant fear of bombs and bullets.

In this edition of Sporting Witness, Ashley Byrne talks to retired stars’ Ray Baartz and Stan Ackersley (both former Manchester United players) about the experience and how it led to the Aussies being nicknamed the Socceroos.

The programme airs on the BBC World Service this Tuesday March 10th at 0950. It is produced and presented by Ashley Byrne and edited by Iain Mackness.

What’s it like to work with or for an independent production company?

Made in Manchester is one of the leading producers of radio in the UK and makes programmes for a variety of international broadcasters.

Following the success of our previous advice seminars, MIM will be holding another one in March about what it’s like to work in the exciting but often overlooked independent sector.

The seminar consists of the following:

* An introduction to the sector – what is an indie?

* A brief overview of how indies work with broadcasters

* A look at the opportunities available to work with an indie like MIM

*An outline of the ideas process and how to get your ideas off the ground

*Programme-making and what’s involved in the indie sector

*How you can stand out in the crowd

*The chance to question us about what might be the best route for you personally

Made in Manchester makes programmes and features in all genres and for broadcasters around the world.

Come and get some advice from the experts.

Book now for the SEMINAR which will take place on March 14th 2015 at the Greenhouse at Media CityUK


Fee: 55 plus VAT (TOTAL 66.00)


Made in Manchester has made two special programmes to mark the 75th anniversary of the epic Hollywood movie Gone [...]

There’s another chance to hear MIM’s History of British Comedy Series at the moment. It’s being repeated on BBC Radio 2 over four weeks on Thursday nights at 1opm but it’s also available via the BBC iplayer on line.
In Radio 2’s History of British Comedy, David Mitchell looks back at 100 years of comedy from [...]

Made in Manchester has produced an edition of the BBC World Service programme Witness marking the 15th anniversary of the death of the English eccentric, writer and flamboyant gay icon Quentin Crisp.
Crisp died at the age of 90 on the eve of his one man show in Manchester in 1999.
In this edition of Witness Ashley [...]

Each Friday, Prolific North – the Media news website – gives a senior media figure a platform to air their views on a topical or relevant issue.
This week they gave it to Ashley Byrne, chair of the RIG Nations & Regions Committee and creative director of Made in Manchester.
Amid the publicity surrounding the BBC’s devolution [...]