James Hickman

MIM Co-Founder

Made in Manchester is an award-winning international production company founded in 2005 by presenter and journalist Ashley Byrne and 5 Times World Butterfly Swimming Champion James Hickman. The company’s first productions included the RTS nominated ITV doc Cartoon Kings (about Cosgrove Hall Films) and From Bomb To Boom (an ITV documentary about Manchester 10 years after the IRA bomb). The company has produced hundreds of programmes and series for the BBC’s main radio networks including Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, 5Live, 6Music and the BBC World Service. MIM also produces programmes for BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland and several commercial stations. The company also produces a regular podcast - Distinct Nostalgia

Ashley Byrne - presenter/exec producer 
Creative Director and head of history/DistinctNostalgia LGBTQI, disability and age liaison 

Iain Mackness - presenter/exec producer 
Head of Production and Drama 


Maya Mitter - presenter/producer 
creative strategy/partnerships

BAME and age liaison 


Kurt Brookes - producer 
Head of Development and Comedy

/socio-economic groups liaison 


Andrew Edwards - Head of Production Research
LGBTQI, disability and age liaison

Freddy Chick - Senior Producer

Content and development across radio and online 

James Brown 
Senior Producer - DistinctNostalgia 
Diversity Producer (Nations and Regions - Wales) 

Catherine Harvey 
Series Producer - Tongue and Talk: Dialect Poets 


Rani Singh - Diversity Producer (BAME)

Currently working on Definitive History of Jazz in Britain

(new 10 part series for Jazz FM) 

Rani Singh BW.jpg

Caroline Heywood - Diversity Producer (Women) 
Currently working on Definitive History of Jazz in Britain

(new 10 part series for Jazz FM).

Kerri McIlroy 
Diversity Producer (Nations and Regions - Northern Ireland) 


Jonathan Holloway
Diversity Producer (Nations and Regions - Scotland) 


Other Team Members

Marverine Cole - Presenter/Producer

Rebecca Applin - Composer/Musician

Richard Higgins - Researcher/Archivist

Simon Zoneblick -
Distinct Nostalgia

Simon Zoneblick.JPG

Peter Reeves -
Producer, Development and research 


Clare Bend - Producer/Researcher

Derek Webster - Producer/Presenter

Phil Collinge - Executive Producer

Nichi Hodgson - Presenter/Producer

Katie Edwards - Presenter

Katie Edwards Headshot.jpg

Yoshie Matsumoto - Reporter/Presenter based in Japan

Robert Shore - Producer/Writer

Alex Brooke - Producer/Presenter

Kiron Reid -

Lawyer / Specialist legal researcher

Wendy Tang - Reporter/Presenter based in Hong Kong/China 

Ian McCormick - Producer/Creator of Day I Met strand