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Episode 1: Stories of Trauma Survival - Katie's Story

Edwina begins a four part series in which she speaks to four women who have suffered trauma both outside and inside prison. In this episode Katie tells her story.

Episode 2: Stories of Trauma Survival - Clare's Story

Edwina continues her series in which she speaks to four women who have suffered trauma both outside and inside prison. In this episode she meets Clare.

Episode 3: Stories of Trauma Survival - Tina's Story

Edwina continues her four part series in which she speaks to women who have survived trauma both outside and inside prison. In Episode 3, she hears Tina's Story 

Episode 4: Stories of Trauma Survival - Maya’s Story

Edwina concludes her series of conversations with women who’ve survived trauma both outside and inside prison. This week she speaks to Maya.

In Conversation with....Dr Shona Minson

This week, Edwina meets barrister turned criminologist Dr Shona Minson to discuss her work around the welfare of children of women and men who end up in prison.

In Conversation with....Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Edwina speaks to Human Rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about her new book Eve Was Shamed and how she feels the criminal justice system is failing women.

In Conversation with.....Katharine Sacks-Jones 

This week Edwina talks to Katharine Sacks-Jones - Chief Executive of the campaign group AGENDA and co-chair of the Government's Mental Health Task Force - about the multiple issues women face inside and outside the criminal justice system .

Edwina On The Road .... behind the scenes on Coronation Street 

Earlier this year Edwina visited Weatherfield to learn about troubled mother of three Abi Franklin who's struggled to get back on track after prison and addiction. Edwina meets Coronation Street story editor Lindsay Williams and Sally Carman who plays Abi in the world's longest running tv serial. 

In Conversation with....Dr Stephanie Covington 

This week, Edwina meets American clinician, consultant and lecturer Dr Stephanie Covington to talk about her pioneering work focussed on gender responsive and trauma informed services. 

Edwina on the Road ....at Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire 

This week Edwina pays a visit to Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire. She hears from Governor Carl Hardwick about how the staff there are dealing with the issue of trauma. 

Edwina on the Road .....at Staffordshire Women's Refuge 

Edwina is back on the road, taking the short trip from Drake Hall Prison to see how women suffering trauma are being helped and supported by Staffordshire Women's Aid. 

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