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20 Years On: The Battle for Hong Kong 

(Photo: Joshua Wong (20) left and his friend and fellow activist Derek Lam (23) on the right pictured in HK. Credit: Wendy Tang)

Listen to leading pro-democracy activist JOSHUA WONG

In conversation with MIM’s Ashley Byrne

20 Years On: The Battle for Hong Kong - MIM Exclusive

20 year old Joshua Wong was arrested and detained just hours ahead of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the handover of the territory by Britain to China in 1997. A few days earlier he spoke to MIM’s Ashley Byrne about his hopes and fears for Hong Kong and its future. In this interview he accuses the authorities of using violence to detain him and others in previous protests. In response the HK police issued this statement to MIM:  ‘Police respect the rights of the person under police custody and have a set of standard procedures in handling person in police custody. If any person in police custody feels aggrieved during his/her detention period, he/she can lodge a complaint through the existing well established mechanism. The Complaints Against Police Office will handle all cases according to the established mechanism in a fair and impartial manner.’

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